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Picture of Gedo Jersey

Gedo Jersey

Gedo Jersey Set
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Picture of Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

This chin-up bar is made of heavy duty & high grade steel, built to last, up to 330 lbs weight capacity.
৳ 970 ৳ 1,050

travel selection

Travel selection 3 In 1 Air Travel Kit Combo - Pillow , Ear Buds & Eye Mask Neck Pillow & Eye Shade
৳ 135

Gedo Jersey

Gedo Jersey Set
৳ 775 ৳ 1,050
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Picture of Portable pilates studio With workout DVD

Portable pilates studio With workout DVD

Our newly arrived Portable Pilate’s Studio with Workout DVD makes your life easier and happier.
৳ 1,099 ৳ 1,230
13% off
Picture of Body building chest expander

Body building chest expander

This newly arrived product known as Body building Chest Expander is 100% brand high quality chest pulling exerciser.
৳ 620 ৳ 715

Gedo Jersey

Gedo Jersey Set
৳ 750 ৳ 1,050

Singing Parrot Birds

This product is an ideal product for not only kids or children, but also for adults. It gives you a good mood every day.
৳ 600 ৳ 1,150

Foot Padal Chest

Pedal training device, WeyTy Situp Bodybuilding Expander Multifunctional Leg Exerciser, Resistance Bands with Foot Padal Latex Tube, Elastic Pull Rope Training Equipment for Abdomen / Thighs / Arms, Purple
৳ 590 ৳ 700

Shopping Cart Toy

This complete shopping cart set is fun and educational for your kids.
৳ 210 ৳ 250

Braked AB Exercise Wheel

An ideal product for anyone who is looking for strong and tone their abs. You will start looking great by using this.
৳ 1,230 ৳ 2,480

Transformer Robot Car for kids

A transformer Robot Car is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use
৳ 620 ৳ 800

Frozen Dream House for Kids

It’s beautiful and perfect for girls as a present. Not only Dream House set, but also Contains many others items. Double sided-folding system house.
৳ 950 ৳ 1,500
10% off
Picture of Waist Turning Plate

Waist Turning Plate

This figure twister massages your feet as you twist and turn your way to slimmer thighs, waist, and hips.
৳ 575 ৳ 640
9% off
Picture of Superhero Action Figure Set Multicolor

Superhero Action Figure Set Multicolor

The characters in the box are very lightweight and small in size. Now your kid can spend a long time playing with these superheroes.
৳ 650 ৳ 720
11% off
Picture of Wonder Arms

Wonder Arms

Wonder Arms is a gym tool. It is made of plastic, weighs 7 kg and its size is 25*19. You can take exercise in your home and office with this tool.
৳ 690 ৳ 780

Frozen Furniture Series Princes Bed - Pink

Frozen baby Furniture Series Princes Bed Pink colour-A toy is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use
৳ 890 ৳ 950
25% off
Picture of Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is made of PVC.It is 182cm long and 60 cm wide. Its thickness ranges from 3 to 8 mm. So, it is thick enough to give you comfort.
৳ 750 ৳ 1,000

Chest Pull

Chest expander & hand gripper, 2 in 1. it has 5 removable springs. Carbon steel springs and plastic handles. Wonderful tool for fitness.
৳ 590 ৳ 1,200

Helicopter Channels Infrared Control

Helicopter Channels Infrared Control-Easy To Fly
৳ 620 ৳ 720

Push Up Stand (S style)

This sponge covered, non-slip hand grip reduces stress on your hand while taking exercise.
৳ 410 ৳ 500

Robot Light Dancing (M-999-23)

Mainan Anak Robot Dance Balance Car / Mainan Anak Robot / Promo Mainan Anak Robot Dance Balance Car Lights & Sound / Robot Menari 999-23
৳ 620 ৳ 780

Planet Fighter 2 in 1 Robot & Dinosaur

Planet Fighter Dinosaur+Robot 2in 1
৳ 575 ৳ 754

Body Trimmer Exercises

Pull Reducer Body Trimmer Resistance Band Gym,Yoga Sports Exercise Equipment for Lose Waist Weight Reduce Trimmer
৳ 540 ৳ 620
16% off
Picture of Combat Mission Gun

Combat Mission Gun

While playing with these toys your child will not only grasp some knowledge but also explore new things.
৳ 620 ৳ 745

Glow Stick Light

A glow stick is a self-contained, short-term light-source
৳ 150 ৳ 250

Nordic Swing Innovative Waking Weight

Nordic walking is a full-body exercise that's easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
৳ 950 ৳ 1,190


Discovery Kids Adventure Play Tent Indoors and Outdoors Easily Sets Up In Minutes.
৳ 1,510 ৳ 2,150

Relax and Spin Tone Body Massage

Relax Tone Spin Body Massager -Full Body Massage Device
৳ 1,399 ৳ 1,690

Revoflex Xtreme Full Body Workout

The Revoflex Extreme the best fitness supporters. Achieve total body fitness in the comfort of your home with this Revoflex Xtreme Exercise Roller Workout machine.
৳ 699 ৳ 2,000

Gym Ball / Fitness Ball

It's the perfect tool for taking your workouts to the next level.
৳ 2,000