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Electric Egg Beater Or Mixer

These lightweight mixers are designed for power with 7 speeds controls.You can easily beat eggs and also use to can be used for mixing and whipping.
৳ 950 ৳ 1,700

Coffee Mixer Mug

Self Stirring mug.This mug is for those who are just plain lazy.Simply press the stir button and hey presto the perfect drink every time.
৳ 500 ৳ 1,050
18% off
Picture of Portable Electric Lunch Box

Portable Electric Lunch Box

It can reheat your food, keep the food fresh and make sure that you stay well nurtured and relaxed throughout your tiring lunch periods.
৳ 560 ৳ 690

Electric BBQ Grill Machine

BBQ Electric Grill Machine griddle heats up quickly without a long-time waiting.
৳ 1,575 ৳ 1,950
14% off
Picture of Electronic Bread Toaster

Electronic Bread Toaster

You can quickly make your breakfast by this. You do not need to take extra time for cooking breakfast. Very easy and convenient to use.
৳ 978 ৳ 1,140
14% off
Picture of Prestige Automatic Electric kettle

Prestige Automatic Electric kettle

It is compact and lightweight, can be carried anywhere easily. Very easy and convenient to use.
৳ 1,050 ৳ 1,233
18% off
Picture of Hyundai Automatic Electric Kettle

Hyundai Automatic Electric Kettle

Prestige Automatic Electric Kettle- 1.5L. Boiling water is a matter of minutes for this Hyundai electric kettle.
৳ 855 ৳ 1,050
14% off
Picture of Mini Hand Coffee Mixer

Mini Hand Coffee Mixer

This tool is easily use for mix all kind of liquid substance.
৳ 145 ৳ 170
14% off
Picture of Multifunctional Electric Egg Boiler and Fry Pan

Multifunctional Electric Egg Boiler and Fry Pan

This electric egg boiler & fry pan helps you to boil eggs or make an omelet without a stove. Easy and convenient to use.
৳ 1,050 ৳ 1,230
7% off


You can easily make roti and bread with this tool.
৳ 1,875 ৳ 2,000
25% off
Picture of Electronic Kitchen Scale

Electronic Kitchen Scale

A product which is handy and wanted by many sellers or even for other facilities. Easy Auto power off after 2 minutes if not used to save energy.
৳ 475 ৳ 650

Rechargeable Electric Handheld Coffee / Milk Mixer

This KUWAN handheld rechargeable frother /eggbeater looks really cool and is lightweight, a plastic case protects the sharp edge from damaging anything while not in use. It comes with an in-built battery and so can be used wire-free, you don't have to worry about having batteries around or you could bring this with on a camping trip without having to worry about having electricity!
৳ 750 ৳ 800
15% off
Picture of Quick Egg Cooker

Quick Egg Cooker

It can cook eggs, omelet rolls, frittatas, and other foods, making it a great companion for breakfast or healthy snacks for the whole family.
৳ 1,240 ৳ 1,460
10% off
Picture of Instant Water Heater Tap

Instant Water Heater Tap

This instant heating faucet can be used for kitchen or bathroom as you need. You do not need to wait for heating water.
৳ 2,150 ৳ 2,390
10% off
Picture of Miyako Electric Hand Blender

Miyako Electric Hand Blender

Its ergonomic grip offers a non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients.
৳ 1,870 ৳ 2,100
10% off
Picture of USB Rechargable Mini Portable Fruit & Vegetable Blender

USB Rechargable Mini Portable Fruit & Vegetable Blender

You can mix different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Very easy and convenient to use.
৳ 799 ৳ 890
16% off
Picture of 2800W Water Heater

2800W Water Heater

This water heater consists of 2800W power which is used to heat a large amount of water quickly.
৳ 650 ৳ 780
8% off
Picture of Cotton Candy maker

Cotton Candy maker

Cute, small and fun- This colorful and bright cotton candy machine will look great on display on your counter during parties or any time you’re using it, it can be stored easily when you’re done.
৳ 1,650 ৳ 1,800
8% off
Picture of 2500W Water Heater

2500W Water Heater

This water heater consists of 2500W power which is used to heat a large amount of water quickly.
৳ 565 ৳ 620

High Quality Rubber Gloves Latex Waterproof

Design with thin latex but sturdy and durable, Match your hand suitable. Smooth tactility
৳ 350 ৳ 450
23% off
Picture of Electric Popcorn Maker (Oil Free) Snack Maker

Electric Popcorn Maker (Oil Free) Snack Maker

Quick and efficient popcorn maker that can make up to 16 cups of gourmet corn in 3 minutes.
৳ 1,800 ৳ 2,340
34% off
Picture of Automatic Yogurt  Doi Maker

Automatic Yogurt Doi Maker

The electric yogurt maker uses a constant temperature, ABS + PP specification material, 220-240V / 50Hz voltage, 15 watts rated power, 1-liter capacity, on/off switch, light indicator, soaking water to keep the preparation time 8-15 hours, Light indicator, easy to manage.
৳ 650 ৳ 990
20% off
Picture of 12 Pieces Barbecue Grill Sticks Set

12 Pieces Barbecue Grill Sticks Set

These barbecue needles allow you to easily cook a meal without the excess of firing up a big barbecue.
৳ 199 ৳ 250
21% off
Picture of Capsule Cutter ,Crusher, Blender