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8 in 1 Multipurpose Screwdriver With Torch Light

Tired of getting a conventional pocket knife.
৳ 190 ৳ 230

Bonsai Brush and Toothpaste Holder

This amazing product Make bed time routine funny.
৳ 190 ৳ 220

Cloth & Storage Wardrobe 88130B

It is an excellent space-saving solution to organize your clothes, lingerie, socks, accessories, and ties.
৳ 1,850 ৳ 2,800

Digital Pen Holder Clock

Elegant Shape Pen Holder With Digital Clock.This Pen holder clock has Color light, Countdown timer, Alarm clock, Time display, Temperature display.
৳ 410 ৳ 500

Go Duster

That Makes Dusting Faster, Easier And More Fun Than You Ever Imagined!
৳ 749 ৳ 1,150


Happy reselling starting offer (only for first order )
৳ 500 ৳ 590

Stainless Steel Shoe Rack

Introduce a shoe rack that saves your space and store your shoes easily .Its Portable to carry easily anywhere.
৳ 1,050 ৳ 1,320
13% off
Picture of 5 Wat 16 Color Changeing Led Light

5 Wat 16 Color Changeing Led Light

In addition, this light can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe and flash through every color, offering a complete light show directly from any standard home light bulb outlet.
৳ 390 ৳ 450


Great ideal for home or bathroom accessory.
৳ 375 ৳ 420

Cloth & storage wardrobe

To decorate your daily use clothes, books, notebooks, shoes.
৳ 1,950 ৳ 2,800

Magic Hose Pipe 75 ft

Lightweight, portable size, convenient to carry.
৳ 575 ৳ 750

Portable 5 Tier Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack is light weighted & Portable.Easy to fold & store.Can Hold Up to 15 Pairs of shoes.
৳ 760 ৳ 900

Remote Control Holder

Get the best deals on Remote Control Holders when you shop the largest online selection at
৳ 300 ৳ 600

Safety Fire Stop Spray

Secure and high quality. Very simple to use and by anyone. Fast abolishing speed, high planning. Hot range 0-50 degrees C.
৳ 550 ৳ 630
22% off
Picture of Bestway Inflate-A-Chair

Bestway Inflate-A-Chair

Great place to kick back and relax Made with a soft flocked surface Extremely comfortable design
৳ 2,850 ৳ 3,675
15% off
Picture of Cloth Dryer Stand

Cloth Dryer Stand

You can dry all types of clothes—sweater, shirt, t-shirt, pant, jacket, shoes, socks and so weighs 3.1Kg .So it can be carried easily.
৳ 1,870 ৳ 2,200

Garlic Pealer - Silver

Garlic Pealer-It saves us time.
৳ 275 ৳ 315


Bright LED lights are motion activated and remain on for 30 seconds once triggered, protecting homes from nighttime intruders.
৳ 500 ৳ 590

Shoes Under Storage Bag

Organizes footwear without taking up any usable floor space.
৳ 320 ৳ 410

Tissue Holder With Super Suction Cup

You can use this tissue holder to make your tissues neat and more attractive.
৳ 700 ৳ 820

Atta Mixer

Easy Atta mixer for making perfect Roti
৳ 490 ৳ 580
15% off
Picture of Cloth And Storage Wardrobe

Cloth And Storage Wardrobe

This wardrobe is resourceful, durable and environmentally friendly. ‎The configuration and design of this closet includes hanging spaceship.‎‎
৳ 1,550 ৳ 1,833
29% off
Picture of Heifer Patates Dilimleyici

Heifer Patates Dilimleyici

Vegetable Slicer Fine Potato French Fries Cutter Kitchen Tool- Green
৳ 600 ৳ 850
17% off
Picture of Remote Control Organizer

Remote Control Organizer

"Compact size but with large capacity, 4 independent cell, let you put items freely, your life will not be all in a mess any more. Strong material, elastic plastic material, durable.
৳ 320 ৳ 390
16% off


This rack is a sturdy and well-designed multipurpose organizer that does not break, weaken, nor collapse once it's installed.
৳ 610 ৳ 730
21% off
Picture of SNAP N GRIP SET ( 2 WRENCH)


Two complete wrenches that become accustomed to all kinds of bolts and nuts with just one hand movement.
৳ 410 ৳ 520

Triangle Bathroom Corner Shelf

Put your small, medium, and even bigger products into beautiful corners of this small selfie house.
৳ 230 ৳ 600

BBQ Portable Stove

This Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill provides heat-resistant grill handles.
৳ 980 ৳ 1,750
23% off


This spray mop is a great convenience tool to keep floors clean between scrubbing. This product is designed to make mopping an easy task.
৳ 1,039 ৳ 1,350

Minion toothpaste dispenser with brush holder

Minion Toothpaste Dispenser
৳ 515 ৳ 590

Miyako Toaster / Breakfast Maker KT-6001

Miyako Electric Toaster Maker/2 Slices
৳ 1,550 ৳ 1,650
17% off
Picture of Notebook Portable Water Bottle

Notebook Portable Water Bottle

.It contains 420 ml and is leak proof, lightweight and versatile water dispenser. it can hold liquids up to maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, (120F).
৳ 240 ৳ 290

Youngke Cloth Boblin Remover

This fabric shaver safely removes pills and matted fibers from your favorite clothes.
৳ 200 ৳ 350
12% off
Picture of 2 Layer Corner shelf

2 Layer Corner shelf

Our new high quality 2 layer corner shelf is one of the decorative product you can have in your list.
৳ 785 ৳ 898

Apex Hand Maker Fruit & Vegetable Multi Juicer

Apex Hand Maker Fruit and Vegetable Multi Juicer
৳ 645 ৳ 800

Cordless Swivel Sweeper

This products are one of the most important parts of your daily routine.
৳ 1,300 ৳ 1,475
15% off
Picture of Notebook Portable Water Bottle Cup

Notebook Portable Water Bottle Cup

Durable and Freezer proof and heat resistant. But it is prohibited to use with very hot water. It is reusable to drink water. Very lightweight and easy to carry.
৳ 240 ৳ 285

shoes holder slides holder bed

Space Saving Shoe Organizer
৳ 320 ৳ 420
16% off


'CLOTH BOBLIN REMOVER' removes hair, dust, and fluff easily from your clothes.
৳ 250 ৳ 299

Corner Shelf Magic Suction

Its simple telescopic, sprung, twist and action fits neatly into the corner of your shower.
৳ 715 ৳ 810
30% off
Picture of Hand SANDWICH MAKER


It helps you to make crispy toast and sandwiches in minutes without letting your food stick to them.
৳ 550 ৳ 790
14% off
Picture of Hijab Hanger

Hijab Hanger

Unique design hijab hanger can be useful to keep hijab or ties. It consists of 28 holes to keep stuff individually.
৳ 450 ৳ 525

Magic Mop

৳ 1,450 ৳ 1,790

Bathroom Organizer Steel

The storage organizer holder perfect for bathroom,laundry to put it anywhere you want, creates storage space within easy reach.
৳ 650 ৳ 799
18.% off


Brand new Aluminum Single Hamburger.
৳ 450 ৳ 550

Plastic Tie Hanger

You can use it to keep jewelry, scarf, tie, etc. The space-saving flat profile and multi-slots of the tie hangers keep ties secure, neat and allows display of more ties in less space.
৳ 180 ৳ 380
27% off
Picture of Sweep Drag All-In-One

Sweep Drag All-In-One

No electricity vacuum cleaner 360° Sweep the floor machine
৳ 1,350 ৳ 1,850


All in one. It doesn’t only help you to use it, but also for home decoration.
৳ 999 ৳ 1,150
19% off
Picture of Hurricane spin scrubber

Hurricane spin scrubber

Clean smart, not hard.
৳ 2,299 ৳ 2,860
18% off


Ideal for Beef, Veal, Chicken, etc.There are two sides. A necessary tool for kitchen utilities.
৳ 520 ৳ 635
28% off
Picture of Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder

Keep your toothpaste and brush dry and clean.
৳ 250 ৳ 350
9% off
Picture of Dumpling Moulds

Dumpling Moulds

Using this product you can make hand pies, dumplings, empanadas and more.
৳ 300 ৳ 330
7% off
Picture of water spray mop

water spray mop

Drag and dry without stooping
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,350

Microfibre Super Glove Car Van Surface Dust Cleaning Washing Gloves

It would be a perfect helper for washing, waxing, dusting, and polishing your vehicles and household, use wet or dry, like a car, wood, mirrors, furniture & glass, etc.
৳ 450 ৳ 650

Single Hand Liquid Soap Dispenser

Suitable for all kinds of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, clubs, teahouses, gymnasiums, hospitals, families, etc.
৳ 650 ৳ 780

Ever Changing Combination Cabinet -4003

Cabinet Ever changing Combination - ShoeCreative
৳ 2,550 ৳ 3,000
7% off
Picture of Healthy Spray Mop

Healthy Spray Mop

Healthy Spray Mop Rotating 360
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,350

Multifunction Chef Basket

For cooking, boiling or deep-fry it will serve as a steam maker, strainer or grinder.
৳ 360 ৳ 700
30% off
Picture of Color Changing Luma Candles

Color Changing Luma Candles

The multi-function remote included with your Luma Candles gives you the power to change the mood and atmosphere of any room you're in
৳ 920 ৳ 1,320
16% off
Picture of special base for washing machine and refrigerator

special base for washing machine and refrigerator

Magic Trolly -Adjustable special base for Washing Machine and RefrigeratorMagic Trolly Multi functional movable type special base for washing machine and refrigerator.
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,500

Multifunction Foldable Oven Rack

it is equipped with convenient side 8 hooks for hanging cloth, oven mitts, gloves. Apart from Using as Microwave Oven Rack.It Can Be Used as a General Purpose Storage Rack too.
৳ 880 ৳ 999

Stainless Steel Food Clip

Whether you’re cooking or having a BBQ in your backyard, these Kitchen Stainless Steel food Tongs are perfect for every occasion.
৳ 180 ৳ 400

Manual Meat Grinder Aluminum

Meat can be minced easily with this Aluminum Manual Meat Grinder. Perfect for sausages kebabs and other meat products.
৳ 1,355 ৳ 2,500
19.09090909090909% off
Picture of Manual Meat Grinder Steel

Manual Meat Grinder Steel

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance for fine mincing of raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar food.
৳ 890 ৳ 1,100
15% off
Picture of 2 in 1 Clever Cutter Knife

2 in 1 Clever Cutter Knife

It is a multi-functional clever kitchen utensil cutter with a built-in cutting board. It can chop, slice, dice, peel, crave and open bottles.
৳ 290 ৳ 340
11% off
Picture of Coconut Scraper

Coconut Scraper

you can scrape out the flesh of coconut easily. You can clean it easily and carry with comfort wherever you like owing to its light weight.
৳ 390 ৳ 440

Pineapple Slicer and Peeler

This product use for Pineapple Peeling and Cutting.Its Easy to operate..This allows pineapple to pill, core and sliced in just 30 seconds.
৳ 210 ৳ 245
0% off
Picture of Kitchen Dish Wand Cleaning Brush

Kitchen Dish Wand Cleaning Brush

Kitchen dish wand cleaner brush is featured with brass and plastic handle.Its size is 23 x 6 x 9 cm and it comes with 1 Handle and 2 Brushes in one pack.
৳ 210
15% off
Picture of Stainless Steel Potato Chipper For French Fry

Stainless Steel Potato Chipper For French Fry

You can make wedges, chips & French fries. It’s a product made for those people who is amateur or modern. Beside that any class can use it easily.
৳ 705 ৳ 835


Vegetable peeler Fruit Kitchen Accessories slicer by shopping herald
৳ 215 ৳ 260

Stainless steel kitchen shelf

Kitchen Rack of Wall Shelf
৳ 1,245 ৳ 1,885
21% off
Picture of Ice Cream Mold

Ice Cream Mold

You can prepare your desired Popsicle by pouring juices, purees, yogurt, fruit, pudding, jams and jellies into these molds
৳ 330 ৳ 420
20% off
Picture of Onion/Garlic Vegetable Slicer & CHOPPER

Onion/Garlic Vegetable Slicer & CHOPPER

Ideal for onion, green chilly, dry fruits, pista, ginger, capsicum, peanuts, etc. Easy to wash and open.
৳ 175 ৳ 220
23% off
Picture of Cosmos Fruit Basket

Cosmos Fruit Basket

Perfect for surprise party, birthday party, bachelor party, wedding banquet, family dinner, picnic and outdoor activities etc.
৳ 899 ৳ 1,175
10% off
Picture of Jesopb Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Brush

Jesopb Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Brush

This brand new hygienic drip-dry designed product is now trending all over the world. Easy to use, just fill it with soap liquid.
৳ 450 ৳ 500
9% off
Picture of Smart Cutter 3 in 1

Smart Cutter 3 in 1

Smart Cutter 3 in 1 is made of steel+ABS. Its handle is made of plastic and blades are of razor sharp stainless steel.
৳ 410 ৳ 450
Picture of Smart Cutter 6 in 1

Smart Cutter 6 in 1

It works as a knife blade, bone cutter, cutting blade, fish scaler, vegetables peeler and bottle cap opener.Safety latch prevents from accidental cut and makes it easy for storage.
৳ 445 ৳ 510

BBQ Grill Maker Net Handle

You can make BBQ anytime anywhere using this electric product. It is lightweight and portable.
৳ 510 ৳ 1,020

Spice Tower Jars 12 Shift

The Spice Tower Carousel from Prodyne lets you stack 12 your favorite spices for easy access.
৳ 850 ৳ 1,020

National Cutting Board

Our brand new National Cutting Board is made from top quality materials and is resistant to wear. Perfect for routine use, can be cut and chop vegetable and fruits, greens, etc.
৳ 300 ৳ 650
17% off
Picture of Spoon Holder

Spoon Holder

৳ 410 ৳ 499
15% off
Picture of Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

৳ 720 ৳ 850

Ganesh Multipurpose Cut N Chop

It is designed with the round pointed spars on the top facilitating you to scrape coconut and has a sharp edge to cut vegetables, fruit, meat and fish easily.
৳ 365 ৳ 500
21% off
Picture of Manual meat Grinder Plastic

Manual meat Grinder Plastic

Blades are fully enclosed, the meat pusher protects your fingers and hands away from the feeder. Easy to clean and reassemble.
৳ 840 ৳ 1,075
10% off
Picture of Canoy Tree Cup Holder

Canoy Tree Cup Holder

This stylish rack with elegant design gives your kitchen or dining a modern look. It is removable and space saving.
৳ 593 ৳ 660
20% off
Picture of Silicon Brush and Spatula

Silicon Brush and Spatula

Made of food-grade silicone with a hard plastic handle, has a hole for hanging on the wall.
৳ 160 ৳ 200
19% off
Picture of 2 Layer Dish Drainer - Steel

2 Layer Dish Drainer - Steel

Exclusive 2 layer dish Drainer for your Kitchen. Made from high quality stainless steel for efficiency and durability. Very easy to assemble.
৳ 850 ৳ 1,050
14% off
Picture of Vegetable Spiral And Slicer For Kitchen

Vegetable Spiral And Slicer For Kitchen

This is our beautiful light weight Vegetable Spiral Slicer which can assist you to make endless Julienne strips of carrot, zucchini, cucumber, squash and all type of other firm vegetables.
৳ 275 ৳ 320
20% off
Picture of Stainless Steel Roti / Puri Press Maker

Stainless Steel Roti / Puri Press Maker

This Puri press maker is made of high grade stainless steel. It's easy to use and safe as well as easy to wash and maintain for years.
৳ 731 ৳ 930

Swan Stand Spoon Set 6pcs

Enhance the beauty of your dining table by bringing this fine finished spoon set. It is a great finished product and it comes with a nice swan shaped stand holder.
৳ 600 ৳ 1,340
10% off
Picture of Swan Sugar Bowl with Spoon ( 1pcs )

Swan Sugar Bowl with Spoon ( 1pcs )

The set is easy to use and easy to clean also. This product is made of high quality zinc alloy and ABS.
৳ 556 ৳ 620
12% off
Picture of Water Pump with Handle

Water Pump with Handle

Water Pump with Handle is made of PP plastic. This pump fits any 3 and 5 gallon water bottle with crown top only.
৳ 455 ৳ 520


3 Pcs Round Shape Cake Mould
৳ 475 ৳ 599
28% off
Picture of Silicone Cake Mould 6 PCS

Silicone Cake Mould 6 PCS

You can surprise your dear ones with this Heart Shape Silicon Cake Mold. Follow your recipe of love step by step.
৳ 500 ৳ 700
9% off
Picture of 4 Blade Roller Best Kitchen Tools

4 Blade Roller Best Kitchen Tools

High quality, regular cut wheel cutter, pizza knife, highly useful kitchen equipment. This product is basically embedded and is branded by Conjunction.
৳ 475 ৳ 525
26% off
Picture of BBQ STICK ( 12 PCS )


These BBQ sticks are made of high quality wood and stainless steel, wooden handles provide a comfortable, stay-cool grip.
৳ 185 ৳ 250

Cake Decoration Tools ( 15 Pcs )

It give you everything that you need to make stunning cakes for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and so on.
৳ 300 ৳ 600
14% off
Picture of Fizz Saver Soft Drinks Dispenser

Fizz Saver Soft Drinks Dispenser

It is made of durable food grade plastic. It is easy to wash and can be reused.
৳ 277 ৳ 325
16% off
Picture of Konvex Flour Sifter

Konvex Flour Sifter

The Konvex Flour Sifter is made from plastic and glossy finished, this is the ideal kitchen accessory. It is made of ABS plastic and 304 stainless steel nets
৳ 420 ৳ 500