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12% off
Picture of Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Its compact size and light weight makes it an extremely handy and useful device for your car.
৳ 660 ৳ 750
7% off
Picture of water spray mop

water spray mop

Drag and dry without stooping
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,350

Microfibre Super Glove Car Van Surface Dust Cleaning Washing Gloves

It would be a perfect helper for washing, waxing, dusting, and polishing your vehicles and household, use wet or dry, like a car, wood, mirrors, furniture & glass, etc.
৳ 450 ৳ 650
24% off
Picture of Collar Perfect Travel Iron

Collar Perfect Travel Iron

The perfect solution to iron out the wrinkles in your life.
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,650
20% off
Picture of Over The Door Hanging Shoe Rack 24 Pair
30% off
Picture of TOBI Portable Handle Travel Steamer Iron

TOBI Portable Handle Travel Steamer Iron

Tobi কাপড় আয়রন করার যন্ত্র !
৳ 1,650 ৳ 2,390