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Car and Home Massage Pillow

Using 4 rollers and the rotating action, its snugly fitting area can improve blood circulation and re-oxygenation to the tensed muscles.
৳ 1,099 ৳ 1,245
9% off
Picture of Wax Vac Ear Cleaner

Wax Vac Ear Cleaner

It is not good to use cotton swabs to clean or dry your ears but most of the people do it anyway.
৳ 285 ৳ 315

Medicine Box Tablet Organizer

Made of plastic, portable and useful. Appropriate for traveling.
৳ 240 ৳ 400
9% off
Picture of Royal Posture Back Support

Royal Posture Back Support

৳ 410 ৳ 455


Sit Right Back Support helps people who work for long hours on computer or by sitting on chair, feel back pain and it is irritating.
৳ 610 ৳ 1,200


Vibro Shape is a “professional vibrating belt” that helps tone muscles in areas such as the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and calves.
৳ 1,199 ৳ 1,350
22% off
Picture of Body Roller Prettycious

Body Roller Prettycious

Vess Silicone roller helps improve blood circulation and skin metabolism.
৳ 310 ৳ 399
16% off
Picture of Hot Shapers Belt Instant Training
22% off
Picture of Hot Shapers Neotex

Hot Shapers Neotex

This brand new Hot Shapers (neotex) slimming vest gives user an exquisite feel.
৳ 285 ৳ 400

Medi box Tablet Organizer

Medication organizer pill box fits in purse or bag and Great for daily use or traveling.
৳ 250 ৳ 300

Mimo Body Massanger

Mimo Mini Vibration Full Body Massager. It helps to improve blood circulation and relieves pain. Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
৳ 210 ৳ 255
21% off
Picture of Oral Care Cleaning Kit

Oral Care Cleaning Kit

৳ 215 ৳ 275
14% off
Picture of Sauna Massager Belt

Sauna Massager Belt

Our brand new Sauna belt will make user feel better and sharper. Adjustable massage, helps reduce weight by reducing belly fat. Slim-fit body gives you less fat than your body tissue.
৳ 645 ৳ 750
12% off
Picture of Tractors for Cervical Spine & Neck Pain

Tractors for Cervical Spine & Neck Pain

This innovative neck brace can help improve spinal alignment. Ideal for anyone who suffers pain from neck injuries, heavy lifting, or working long hours at the computer.
৳ 599 ৳ 685

Foot Reflex Footwear

Foot reflexology increases blood and nerve circulation, so the relieved reflex areas will help the corresponding organs re-establish their blood supply and movement.
৳ 600 ৳ 1,200
5% off
Picture of Slim & Lift Inner Wear For Men

Slim & Lift Inner Wear For Men

It is made from a super comfortable fabric-80% Nylon + 20% Spandex. Available Size: XL. XL-SIZE CHART CHEST RELAX/STRETCH-46/96 cm & WAIST RELAX/STRETCH -60/153 cm.
৳ 410 ৳ 435
20% off
Picture of Waist Trimmer Surgical Belt

Waist Trimmer Surgical Belt

Waist Trimmer Surgical Belt is made of Neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber that is strong and keeps its shape well.
৳ 320 ৳ 400

Travel Neck Pillow

Take your travel experience more comfortable. This neck pillow helps to reduce your neck pressure.
৳ 650 ৳ 720

BELSK Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Everybody needs to keep a blood pressure monitor near at hand. This blood pressure monitor has an LCD display which shows you date and time along with the blood pressure reading.
৳ 1,800 ৳ 2,800

GF-MT502 Digital Thermometer

Electronic Digital Thermometer with LCD Backlight Display
৳ 135 ৳ 185

Electric Vibrating Slimming Belt

This slimming belt has Elliptic oscillating mechanism system. It messages all the parts of the body-abdomen area, shoulder, thigh, back calf effectively.
৳ 1,440 ৳ 2,600

Shiqin Body Slimmer Massager - White

Shiqin Body Slimmer is made of ABS plastic with round edge and smooth surface.
৳ 890 ৳ 1,700

3D Massager

An anti-aging tool that accelerates metabolism, promotes skin tone.
৳ 290 ৳ 320

URight Blood Glucose Monitoring Machine Model- TD_4267

Your trusted health guardian.
৳ 720 ৳ 990

Echosonic Hot & Cold Pack

Make the gel pack cool and keep it with fresh food to keep food fresh. It helps to relieve any pain in the body.
৳ 440 ৳ 550

Multi Functional Brain Comfort Massager

Quick relieve the symptoms of headache or dizziness.
৳ 180 ৳ 220

First Aid Medical Storage Box

Perfect small box for your travel, hiking, mountaineering first aid kit
৳ 990 ৳ 1,750

RAK283 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

For health-conscious people who monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.
৳ 1,400 ৳ 1,900

Microlife BP-3AR1-3P Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

For health-conscious people who monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis.
৳ 2,799 ৳ 3,500
20% off
Picture of Microlife NEB-200 (Nebulizer Machine)

Microlife NEB-200 (Nebulizer Machine)

Breath Care – Nebulizer Machine
৳ 2,799 ৳ 3,500
16% off
Picture of Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
৳ 3,150 ৳ 3,750

Omron Nebulizer NE-C28

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult With Virtual Valve Technology
৳ 3,900 ৳ 4,500

Hot & Cold Reusable Pack

Pain Remover Soothing Hot & Ice Cold Reusable Gel Pack.
৳ 440 ৳ 600

Pill & vitamin organizer water bottle

Large capacity bottle and Pill organizer comes with 20 ounce capacity water bottle.
৳ 240 ৳ 360

Power Floss

Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Floss Pick Teeth Cleaning Flusher Air Power- Keep your teeth sparkling clean
৳ 280 ৳ 360

Digital Weight Machine Personal scale - Transparent

Digital Weight Machine-This traditional needle weight scale measures your weight in kilograms and pounds
৳ 1,250 ৳ 1,350
35% off
Picture of Food grade silica gel bath towel

Food grade silica gel bath towel

Silicone Bath Scrubber Towels Rubbing Back Exfoliating Body Massage Shower Pads
৳ 420 ৳ 650

Punching Ball Set

Ideal for boxing, sparring, punching, kicking training
৳ 1,550 ৳ 1,680
62% off
Picture of KN95 FACE MASK ( McCons 5 Layer Mask 10 PCS 1 Box )

KN95 FACE MASK ( McCons 5 Layer Mask 10 PCS 1 Box )

10 Pcs in Per Box.
৳ 300 ৳ 800
13% off
Picture of Xtra Clean A Toxin Solution

Xtra Clean A Toxin Solution

৳ 450 ৳ 750
27% off
Picture of New MAX Curve Coffee

New MAX Curve Coffee

৳ 730 ৳ 750